Purple symbolises Creativity    :    Daisies are Composite flowers
           Purple Daisy   :    Creative Composites
I am a photographer who photographs anything and everything and I always have at least one camera with me wherever I go.  My main photographic interest is wildlife but I also enjoy using creative lenses to capture the natural world in a more abstract way.
I always wanted to be an artist but I could never get a paintbrush to work for me so I  put my creativity into digital art and really enjoy creating new images from my photographs.
I frequently enter my creative images in competitions and am pleased to have received awards in both national and international competitions. I am also very honoured to have had two of my prints recently accepted for an open art exhibition in Cheshire, two more for different exhibitions in London and another for an exhibition in Birmingham.
Thank you for looking at my photography, if you have any comments please contact me.
Lynda Haney